Our head cartridges are ultra-durable but only last so long, which is why you will need Refills. They snap in and out of the handle seamlessly, and we recommend changing them up every 2 weeks. Every Refill Pack will come with 2 head cartridges, enough to comfortably last you a month.

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$8 refills every month including shipping

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What You Get

1 resealable & reusable pouch and 2 replacement head cartridges.

How This Works

Once you have the Gumline Cleaner, make sure you swap out old head cartridges for new ones every few weeks for optimal effectiveness.

& Keep Them Coming

Sent every month – ultra convenient, you
 don’t have to lift a finger to get more.

Consistency is key – regular use leads to 
 best results.

Cancel anytime – no commitment or plan necessary.