Gumline Cleaner


The Gumline Cleaner is a specialized product that targets your gums to keep them clean & healthy. It has everything you need: our ergonomic handle and assembled head cartridge. Designed to trace your gumline, you can also use the Gumline Cleaner to clean the surfaces behind your teeth.

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What You Get

Everyone gets 1 resealable & reusable travel pouch and 1 fully assembled starter set.

How This Works

The first step to fighting gum disease is purchasing a Gumline Cleaner starter set. Every month, be sure to get a new order of refill packs to make sure the head cartridges stay fresh!

Plaque Attack

You’ve probably heard of that sticky film that forms on your teeth. We all have it. But that doesn’t mean we have to let it get out of control. Brushing and flossing are great first steps, but they aren’t designed to remove plaque from hard-to-reach areas. We’ve got a solution for that—our Gumline Cleaner.

Fight it in 4 Steps


Apply Toothpaste


Pencil grip (by holding it with 3 fingers)


Trace your gumline on the upper teeth


Trace your gumline on the lower teeth

Scrub that Sticky Plaque

Our bristles, especially when used with toothpaste, are clinically and strategically engineered to scrub plaque away more effectively than commercially available products.

Better All Around

Better at removing plaque.

Better at stimulating the gingival tissue.

Better for the environment.

Better in terms of durability and useful life.

Quality. Controlled.

Our products are all made and manufactured in Southern California. The materials we use are recyclable, BPA free & FDA compliant. Our soft touch tips are incredibly tear resistant and anti-microbial. We stand for quality that you can see and feel -- that’s why our products last much longer than our competitors.