What is the Gumline Cleaner & why would I need to use it?

Most people don’t know that gum disease affects approximately half of Americans over the age of 30. The Gumline Cleaner is a brand new product that was designed to help you fight this infection.

Our ultra-soft tips stimulate your gum tissue and clean your gum line, while our bristles are strategically engineered to be effective in removing plaque from the bottom third of each teeth (the hardest-to-reach areas). Applying toothpaste to our tips increases effectiveness even further.

How do I use the Gumline Cleaner?

1. First, make sure you are gripping the handle as you would a pencil: gently with 3 fingers (avoid extra, unnecessary pressure / force).

2. Apply toothpaste to the bristles.

3. Make sure the tip of the Gumline Cleaner is touching your gumline, while the bristles are at a 90 degree angle with your teeth.

4. Trace your gum line.

— If you are cleaning your top teeth, you should point the tip upwards & draw an “m” along your gum line when using the Gumline Cleaner.

— If you are cleaning your bottom teeth, you should point the tip downwards & draw a “u” along your gum line when using the Gumline Cleaner.

How long does the Gumline Cleaner last?

The Gumline Cleaner head cartridges should each last up to 2-3 weeks when used twice a day.

We recommend opting in for a subscription to ensure your head cartridges remain fresh, optimizing the effect the Gumline Cleaner will have on your gums.

Is the Gumline Cleaner for Dentists or Patients?

The Gumline Cleaner is for everyone. We encourage Dentists to try the Gumline Cleaner and recommend it to their patients who are trying to improve their gum health. However, the Gumline Cleaner does not require a prescription—if you want to keep your gums in top shape, being proactive by ordering a Starter Set is the best choice.

What parts of your product are recyclable?

Every component we manufacture is made using recyclable materials.

Do you accept returns?

If your order was unused (packaging not open and no wear and tear on the product), we accept returns for bäz credit. Simply contact us online and we will be in touch with you regarding next steps.