What is the Pix & why would I need to use it?

Most people don’t know that gum disease affects approximately half of Americans over the age of 30. The Pix is a brand new product that was designed to help you fight this infection, created by expert Periodontist Dr. Jean-Jacques Elbaz who has 30+ years of experience in the dental field.

The ultra-soft tip can be used to stimulate your gum tissue, while its bristles are engineered to be effective in helping you remove plaque – especially when applying toothpaste to the tip.

How do I use the Pix?

First, make sure you are gripping the handle as you would a pencil: gently with 3 fingers (avoid extra, unnecessary pressure / force).

Apply toothpaste to the bristles.

Make sure the tip of the Pix is touching your gumline, while the bristles are at a 90 degree angle with your teeth.

Trace your gum line

  • if you are cleaning your top teeth, you should point the tip upwards & draw an “m” along your gum line when using the Pix.
  • if you are cleaning your bottom teeth, you should point the tip downwards & draw a “u” along your gum line when using the Pix.

How long does the Pix last?

The Pix head cartridges should each last up to 2-3 weeks when used regularly.

We recommend ordering a Refill pack for the following month, when purchasing the Starter Set. This will ensure your head cartridges remain fresh, optimizing the effect the Pix will have on your gums.

Is the Pix for Dentists or Patients?

The Pix is for everyone. We encourage Dentists to try the Pix and recommend it to their patients who are trying to improve their gum health. However, the Pix does not require a prescription – if you want to keep your gums in top shape, being proactive by ordering a Starter Set is the best choice.

Where can I find bäz?

The most convenient place to find bäz is online. However, we are also making our way into select dental offices throughout the U.S. If you’d like to see bäz carried somewhere, please send us an email, and make sure to follow us on social @bazdental to stay up-to-date.