Treat your mouth to a better clean.

Pix is available in two finishes, Snow and Obsidian.
Each set comes with both a small and large sized tip.

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It's a snap.

Our patent pending Pix design was built with modularity in mind. That means swapping between different sizes based on your needs, or replacing old heads couldn't be easier.

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History in the making.

Born from a Beverly Hills dentist's frustration with the lack of innovation in oral hygiene products over the past three decades, Bäz was created. While the toothbrush has been updated frequently – other products, such as floss, tongue cleaners, and more have largely been ignored.

And with that, Dr. Elbaz partnered with his entrepreneur son, Jonathan – to develop a new suite of industry leading dental products centered on design, premium materials, functional excellence, sustainability, and above all – the absolute best possible patient experience.

Your oral health matters to us, which is why we offer the answer to obsolete tools you've been stuck using your whole life. Dental products do not need to be boring, disposable, cheaply made, and worst of all – ineffective. Taking care of your oral health is a personal and valuable part of your daily routine that should be enjoyable while producing real, positive results. Clinical studies show that regular use of our FDA-approved products leads to improved hygiene, greater oral health, and overall lower dental bills.

We're Bäz, and we're here to disrupt the dental industry, one mouth at a time.


Thousands of smiles can't be wrong.

Pix has been clinically proven to reduce gum inflammation and bleeding, decrease pocket depth, firm up soft tissue, and clean the space between teeth more effectively as compared to current products on the market. Don't take our word for it - hear what others are saying.